About the Pavilion
The Rotary Log Pavilion is owned by the City of Aberdeen and Managed by the Aberdeen Parks and Recreation Department.
Contact Info
For information on availability and pricing contact Doug Farmer via phone at (360) 537-3248 or email
Perfect Meeting Location
Located in beautiful Morrison Riverfront Park along the banks of the Chehalis River.

What do I need to do, to hold my reservation?

Contact the Parks Department, then we will mail you the paperwork to fill out and return with either $250 or half of your rental fees (whichever is less) as a down payment.

Who is responsible for setting up the tables and chairs, and who takes them down?

Users are responsible for their own table and chair set up, or can pay a $30 fee to have the Pavilion staff set them up for you. The Pavilion staff will put away all tables and chairs at the conclusion of your event.

What is included in the rental?

Everything in the building is included in your rental (kitchen, tables, chairs, PA system, etc.).

When is the Pavilion staff at the building?

They open up the building, then they leave and come back approximately 15 minutes before your scheduled event time. Pavilion staff will be there during your event, will do clean up afterwards and lock up the building when they leave.

Do you have table lines or dishes/serving ware?

No, we do not have table lines or dishes/serving ware.

When is the final payment and damage deposit due?

We will invoice you for the final payment and damage deposit 30 days before your reservation date.

When do I need to provide liability insurance for alcohol?

You need the insurance anytime you are serving alcohol. Whether it’s a champagne toast, or a full bar, providing any type of alcohol requires insurance and WA State Liquor Control Board Banquet Permit.

I am serving alcohol, where do I get the required Liability Insurance?

You can get it from any insurance company of your choice. You could contact your Home Insurance’s company; any insurance company; or there is a website we can provide you to purchase the required insurance.

Can I use a Credit Card?

No, unfortunately, we do not accept credit cards for payment or deposit.

Can I set up the day before my event?

Yes, but you have to rent the building at the set hourly rate.

Are there any restrictions on decoration?

Yes. You cannot attach things to the walls. No confetti, and candles must be in candle holders.

If I want to show a video, what is available?

We have both a 10×10 screen and a 6 foot wide screen. We also have an A/V Cart and a TV with a DVD player. We do NOT have a projector. We also have WiFi available.

Are there any restrictions on who can cater?

No. You can have anyone do the food.